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Helping you discover and engage with emerging technology at scale


Digital Procurement Transformation. Accelerated.

ScoutLab is your partner for tech scouting and scaling and empowers your organisation to identify and execute collaborative innovation opportunities together with pioneering startups, scaleups and tech innovation experts from DPW.

For enterprises, we help you discover, develop and scale emerging startups, technologies, and their business models and deliver transformative value faster.

For startups and emerging technology, we match your capabilities with the unmet needs of procurement organisations and their stakeholders, accelerating meaningful collaboration and business growth.

What We Do

We have enabled over 50 of the largest corporations to partner with the most innovative technology companies. With our network of over 400,000 startups and scaleups we have the connections and expertise to build strategic innovation capabilities into your organization.


Scouting & Scaling Innovations
for Procurement

We help you find and discover the most
promising procurement startups that will
have the greatest ROI and impact on your
function’s digital transformation.


Scouting & Scaling Innovations
for Sustainability

We help you scout and implement innovative solutions and technologies that improve your sustainability performance.


Scouting & Scaling Innovations
for your Business

We help you scout innovative solutions and technologies to solve unmet needs of your stakeholders and business partners.

Why ScoutLab is
Important for Procurement

Innovation is essential for procurement success. The rapid pace of change in emerging technology means there are new opportunities and business models to accelerate performance. Find them or be left behind.

Corporations are partnering with ScoutLab to:

  • Increase their speed of innovation
  • Save their own resources
  • Limit their risk
  • Discover emerging industry trends
  • Interact with pre-briefed startups
  • Grow their innovation network & capabilities
  • Scale innovation across their organisation for long term value

Our Customers

We are working with the most progressive
organisations to help them scout and scale technologies

Digital disruption will only intensify. As it does, procurement organisations in all industries must develop a tech scouting strategy as a way to adapt and scale technology customers care about.


Matthias Gutzmann, Founder, DPW

Ready to Build an Innovation Ecosystem at Scale?


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Startup Ecosystem Partners

We believe in the power of strong partnerships to make DPW the industry’s most powerful ecosystem in procurement.