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Our Story

We’re on a mission to unlock the true power of procurement
through excellence in digital.

How It All Started

“In 2018, I was researching procurement conferences to showcase my then-employer, a startup. I was frustrated by the options. The existing conferences were prohibitively expensive for a limited startup budget, lacked investors, and failed to attract an audience of startup businesses, which is critical for procurement to transform digitally and drive innovation.

Identifying this gap in the market, I left my job in New York, moved into my parents’ house in Germany, and invested my entire personal savings to launch DPW.

In September 2019, DPW’s launch conference boasted a record-breaking attendance of over 400 industry leaders from 33 countries and was dubbed “the best new procurement event in years”.

Matthias Gutzmann, Founder, DPW

Matthias Gutzmann

The DPW Experience

DPW2021 will be even bigger and better than 2019: the absolute biggest names in the industry on the main stage, in-depth analysis of relevant digital procurement trends in our breakout sessions, and several thematically clustered deep dive and hands-on learning labs. Side Events and DPW Rocks, our party, round out the conference. Every aspect of DPW is designed to delight and inspire you. It’s a world-class experience.


DPW Conference takes place on 15 & 16 September, 2021. Industry a-listers, CPOs, movers and shakers from the world’s biggest companies deliver exclusive insights to the 600-person strong audience.


Our Expo will expand a lot for DPW2021. In 2019, we had 40 exhibitors from the industry – from big names, like IBM, Uber, Accenture & co., to tons of up-and-coming players.


The DPW Hackathon brings together procurement experts, developers and UX/UI designers from established companies, startups and universities to create the newest and best procurement processes and technology out there.


Our top 10 startups will showcase their technology live on-stage. Curated, fast-paced, and right to the point. The action is fast-paced, interactive and fun, as judges and audience are voting to determine the winner.


We use smart technology to help you make meaningful connections at scale. Through our conference app, we were able to arrange over 200 meetings already before the event even took place.

DPW Rocks!

All work and no play would make DPW a dull conference – and we definitely won’t stand for that. A lot of liquid networking included.

The DPW Difference

At DPW, we firmly believe that procurement can only survive as a function and play a strategic role in collaboration with the business, suppliers, and new ecosystem players – not alone and in isolation. At traditional procurement conferences, typically only procurement people attend. But DPW offers a much more diverse ecosystem of procurement professionals, business leaders, suppliers, startups, data scientists, UX/UI designer, and developers. No other conference brings this variety of people together.

Biggest Stage for Procurement Startups in the World
DPW is built to bring startups into the procurement ecosystem. Startup Alley, located in the exhibition hall, displays all 40 attending startups, giving delegates a unique insight into procurement innovation. The top 10 startups will be hand-picked by a selection committee to pitch their innovations on the main stage during DEMO.

24-hour Hackathon
DPW is the only procurement conference hosting a 24-hour hackathon forming diverse teams of procurement professionals, developers and UX/UI designers to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by procurement today.

Engineering Matchmaking
Networking is king. At most conferences, organisers typically hire experienced event planners. Instead, we use smart technology to help you make meaningful connections. We take into account who you are, and who you will benefit from meeting. You can be sure that our attendees, and those at your table are neither a random collection of conference-goers nor a manually curated group of people, but rather the product of sophisticated algorithms. At our 2019 conference, we scheduled over 500 meetings through our matchmaking app.

All work and no play makes DPW a dull conference – and we definitely won’t stand for that! DPW is unlike any other procurement event you’ve ever attended. From the moment you set foot in our space, you’ll experience something completely new, exciting, and fun. We have a strict no dress code, and you can expect a lot of liquid networking, which is how some of the most creative deals are made.

"An exciting and much needed event for procurement."

- Michelle Baker, CPO, KPN

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