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DEMO VIRTUAL is one of the activities from DPW, the first organisation of its kind to focus on bringing startups into the procurement industry. It provides a platform for all procurement entrepreneurs from around the world to pitch their solutions to gain global exposure and access deals.

Originally scheduled to take place at our annual conference in Amsterdam, DPW is excited to announce that it’s moving DEMO online in light of recent developments in the coronavirus outbreak, making it the world’s first-ever and largest pitch competition in procurement.

Why should I apply for DEMO VIRTUAL?

DPW was built to bring startups into the procurement ecosystem. The biggest stage for procurement startups in the world, DPW is the number one resource for procurement organisations to understand which next generation platforms and products will have the greatest ROI and impact on the function’s digital transformation.

Here is why applying for DEMO VIRTUAL is a no-brainer:

  • Become part of the global DPW ecosystem and meet leading CPOs, accelerators, investors and fellow entrepreneurs
  • Showcase your startup to thousands of procurement professionals who are actively seeking solutions
  • Get spotted by industry media, with interview opportunities
  • Win amazing prices including a free startup package for our 2021 conference.

Who is eligible to apply for DEMO VIRTUAL?

We accept applications from startups whose technologies contribute to the digital procurement ecosystem. This includes core digital procurement technologies, as well as startups rolling up the space from other angles.

DEMO VIRTUAL is open to all startups around the world who fulfill the following requirements:

  • You’ve got to have a tech-related product and no service
  • You are beyond the ideation stage, having launched with some market traction (e.g. paying customers, downloads, signups, etc)
  • You have been operating for less than 5 years

There is no fee to apply and participate.

Is my information confidential?

The information you provide on your application will be available to the following parties:

  • DPW team (to manage the application platform)
  • Our expert judging panel (to judge your application)
  • Our partners (corporates and investors looking for potential collaboration or investment opportunities)

Do I have to pay for DEMO VIRTUAL?

No, the application and participation to DEMO VIRTUAL is entirely free of charge.

Can I apply if I applied before?

Yes, past startup participants are open to join again.

What type of startups are you looking for?

DPW is uniquely interested in game-changing ideas from individuals, teams, aspiring entrepreneurs and startups in the following three categories:

Category 1: Source-to-Pay
  • Sourcing (category management, advanced costing, supplier discovery, guided sourcing, bid optimization)
  • Supplier Management (including supplier innovation)
  • Procure-to-Pay (including guided buying, virtual catalogs, global payments)
  • Supply Chain / Trade Finance
  • Contingent Workforce & Service Procurement (incl. “VMS”)
  • Supply Analytics and Intelligence
Category 2: Networks and Platforms
  • Supplier
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability
  • Services (e.g., freelancers)
  • Supply Risk
  • B2B Marketplace
Category 3: Enterprise
  • GRC
  • Contract Management
  • Data & Analytics (DaaS, Market Intelligence, FP&A, Process Mining)
  • Platforms as a Service (AI, RPA, Low Code, DevOps, aPaaS, iPaaS)

What criteria are the judges using to select the best startups?

Depending on the stage of the competition, entries to DEMO VIRTUAL will be evaluated using these criteria:

Qualification Round

Innovation and Industry Disruption (25%)
  • Evidence of innovative advances in product
  • Potential to disrupt the relevant industry
  • Value proposition
Potential and Business Model (25%)
  • How much potential does it have to make a big impact?
  • Competitiveness, barriers to entry, first mover advantages etc.
  • Scalability
Diversity & Uniqueness (25%)
  • How many other companies in the same “space” are competing for a spot?
Market Traction (25%)
  • Operation and financial metrics, milestones and achievements since inception

Semifinal & Grand Finale

Innovation and Industry Disruption (20%)
  • Evidence of innovative advances in product
  • Potential to disrupt the relevant industry
  • Value proposition
Potential and Business Model (20%)
  • How much potential does it have to make a big impact?
  • Competitiveness, barriers to entry, first mover advantages etc.
  • Scalability
Diversity & Uniqueness (20%)
  • How many other companies in the same “space” are competing for a spot?
Market Traction (20%)
  • Operation and financial metrics, milestones and achievements since inception
Pitch & Q&A Performance (20%)
  • Clear, concise, convincing, engaging, passionate, handled Q&A well, know their facts / numbers

Who are the judges?

Startups will be selected and ranked by a panel of high-profile and experienced business leaders, including:

  • Procurement professionals
  • Procurement consultants and experts
  • Analysts
  • Investors
  • Established entrepreneurs
  • Incubators and accelerators

All judges can be found on the DEMO VIRTUAL website:

What is the format & process of DEMO VIRTUAL?

7 AugustApplicationApplication deadline expires.
10-21 AugustQualificationThe judging panel will handpick the 12 semifinalists, four in each of the three categories, based solely on the strength of their written applications. All selections will be made after the application deadline. Semifinalists will not be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
25 AugustSemifinalThe 12 semifinalists will receive a formal invitation to pitch during the semifinal on 2 September.
2 September, 5 pm CESTSemifinalSemifinalists will be granted two (2) minutes with only a single slide as a visual aide to present their company and attempt to convince the judges. Every pitch will be followed by two (2) minutes of Q&A conducted by the judges.
3 SeptemberGrand FinaleThe finalists, two in each of the three categories, will receive a formal invitation to pitch during the Grand Finale.
9 SeptemberGrand FinaleMandatory pitch training & coaching for all (6) finalists.
16 September, 5 pm CESTGrand FinaleDuring the Grand Finale, the six finalists will be granted four (4) minutes where multiple slides are allowed to present their company and attempt to convince the judges. Every pitch will be followed by two (2) minutes of Q&A conducted by the judges. The finalist judging panel will deliberate and announce a single winner later that day.

Are there competition prizes?

Yes, everyone’s a winner!

Qualification Round
  • All applicants will automatically become part of DPW’s global tech network, the primary resource for procurement professionals looking for emerging technology
  • Get access and exposure to our global network of partners and investors
  • All 12 semifinalists, four in each of the three categories, are celebrated and will be awarded an industry awareness advertising package
  • All 6 finalists, two in each of the three categories, are celebrated and will be awarded an industry awareness advertising package
Grand Finale Winners
  • The three winners, one in each of the three categories, will receive a customised digital DEMO VIRTUAL award winner icon, available in various sizes and various formats for inclusion on websites and marketing collateral
  • Gain credibility and receive the unique distinction of being the DPW DEMO VIRTUAL 2020 winner, and lots of post-event media buzz
  • Win a free startup package for our 2021 conference, a €3,000 value

How can I apply for DEMO VIRTUAL?

Please fill out the online application.

I want to be a sponsor, what do I do?

If you would like to join DEMO Virtual as a sponsor, get in touch with our team:

When do applications close? And what are the other important dates?

7 August – Application Deadline
25 August – 12 Semifinalists Announced
2 September – Semifinalists Pitches
4 September – 6 Finalists Announced
9 September – Mandatory pitch training & coaching for all (6) finalists
16 September – Grand Finale & DEMO VIRTUAL 2020 Winner Announced

How can I change my application information?

If you already applied but would like to change your application information, please email

What if I have more questions?

Please email


What is Digital Procurement World (DPW)?

DPW is the world’s largest digital procurement conference. It’s the world’s flagship event of the digital procurement industry, gathering the entire digital procurement ecosystem from enterprise to big tech, startups, investors/VCs, industry analysts, press and bloggers. Every sector of the industry is represented at the event. No other conference currently brings this variety of people together.

When is DPW2020?

Wednesday, 16th September, 2020: 8am – 5pm; DPW Bash: From 6:30pm

Thursday, 17th September, 2020: 8am – 4:30pm

Where is DPW2020?

Venue: Beurs van Berlage

Address: Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Where should I stay? Are there hotel recommendations?

Yes. Please visit our Venue page for a list of recommended hotels that offer preferential rates we have negotiated for you. However, in order to qualify for the discounted prices, reservations must be made through the booking platform. 

Will the presentation slides be available after the conference?

Yes. Slides that we share with the audience will be made available to all registered DPW attendees after the event.

What is the dress code for DPW?

Strictly no dress code. We prefer you dress casually, but business casual works too. Most importantly, be sure you are comfortable.

Will there be Wi-Fi available at DPW?

Yes. Login information will be provided when you arrive at DPW.

Where can I find DPW’s Terms & Conditions?

The T&Cs can be found here.

What are the hashtags for DPW2020?

The only hashtag for the whole event is #DPW2020. Feel free to use it.

How can I contact DPW?

Digital Procurement World
Huntorpstrasse 14
28259 Bremen

Tel: +49 1520 133 6578


Do you have a DPW logo pack?

We do! Please visit our Resources page to download our logos.


How can I register for DPW2020, and do I need a printed ticket?

You can buy tickets and register here. You will receive an email closer to the event with your personal barcode for your registration onsite at the event. There is no need to print your ticket. Please note that we don’t send out physical tickets prior to the conference.

How do I apply to become a speaker?

If you are interested in speaking at DPW2020 and would like to submit a speaker submission, please visit our Speaking at DPW page for more information. 

I’m interested in sponsoring DPW2020, whom do I contact?

We offer all sorts of turnkey and custom sponsorship opportunities to connect with hundreds of attendees, and the thousands of people who watch our DPW content year-round. You can view our 2020 prospectus. Get in touch, and let’s figure out how we can work together:

I’m interested in investor/VC opportunities at DPW2020, whom do I contact?

For information on investor opportunities, you can visit our Investors page or contact our team at

How do I request a media pass or partnership?

If you would like to cover DPW2020 in a media capacity, please visit our Media page or contact our team at


Can I buy a ticket now and decide the name of the attendee later?

Yes, you can buy tickets now and assign a name later.

Do you offer ticket discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts on tickets. If you’re looking to score a DPW ticket on the cheap, make sure you subscribe to our email list or follow us on social media to stay in the loop about potential flash sales. Register before our scheduled price increases, or take advantage of group discounts.

We also offer the following corporate group discounts (complimentary tickets):

  • 1 for every 3 paid registrations
  • 2 for every 5 paid registrations
  • 3 for every 7 paid registrations

For questions, please contact:

Do you sell one-day tickets?

No, we don’t sell one-day tickets. Your ticket gives you the full DPW2020 experience from 16-17 September, 2020.

Where can I find my DPW2020 ticket?

We don’t send out physical tickets prior to the conference. You will receive an email closer to the event with your personal barcode for your registration onsite at the event.

Where can I find the invoice for my ticket?

Your invoice is in your ticket confirmation email, which you will receive after you purchase your ticket.

I can’t attend DPW2020 anymore. Can I get a refund?

We do provide refunds within 14 days of ticket purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds after the 14-day cooling off period. But, we will issue a credit voucher for the price paid for registration less a 50 EUR administration fee, if notification is sent via email to at least eight (8) days prior to the event. You may transfer the ticket to someone else in your group at any time. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person during the conference?

No, each ticket is valid for one person only for the duration of the conference.

Do you offer a student discount?

Yes. Students are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and next-generation procurement leaders. We offer DPW2020 tickets at a heavily reduced price to help students find the next big idea and engage with senior procurement leaders. For more information, please contact our team at

Do you have free or discounted tickets for members of groups not well-represented within the procurement community?

Yes. DPW aims to be the most inclusive and representative event in procurement. We’ve set aside 15 no-charge tickets to DPW2020 for members of underrepresented groups in procurement including but not limited to: women, underrepresented backgrounds, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, veterans. Please visit our Diversity & Inclusion page for more information or contact our team at

Can you deduct the VAT since you are selling within the EU?

To comply with EU law (Article 53 & 54 of the VAT Directive, to be specific!), we must charge VAT in the country where the event takes place.


What are the programs for startups?

DPW’s mission is to connect CPOs and their teams with emerging startups. Through our startup program, RiSE, we will select 40 startups to attend our Amsterdam conference DPW2020 in September.

Here are our 3 key activities for startups attending our 2020 conference:

1. Startup Alley
40 startups will have the opportunity to showcase their product at demo booths at the designated Startup Alley. Startup Alley is centrally located and constantly busy, which makes it an exceptional opportunity to attract the attention of potential clients, sponsors, media, and of course, investors and other founders.

DEMO is the startup competition at DPW that brings together the world’s leading and emerging procurement startups for a live on-stage battle. Out of the 40 attending startups, the top 10 startups will present their pitch in front of experienced investors and hundreds of attendees, battling it out for a chance to be crowned winner of the DPW2020 DEMO competition.

3. Meet other founders and investors
We will offer dedicated sessions and networking opportunities designed and organised to cater only to startups and founders attending DPW.

If you are not selected to attend our Amsterdam conference, you will still be part of the DPW startup community and be promoted to thousands of procurement professionals (attendees and non-attendees of our Amsterdam conference) who want to get to know you.

For more details, please review the DPW2020 startup prospectus here.

Who can apply for a startup pass?

We accept applications from startups whose technologies contribute to the digital procurement ecosystem. This includes core digital procurement companies, as well as startups rolling up the space from other angles. The startups and scaleups may come from anywhere in the world, from any industry, as long as they meet one of the following criteria.

Early Stage Startups:

  • $100k-$1M in annual revenue
  • $1M-$5M in total funding
  • An awesome product
  • Your founders and/or CEO will be present at DPW2020


  • $1M-$5M in annual revenue
  • $5M-$25M in total funding
  • An awesome product
  • Your founders and/or CEO will be present at DPW2020

To attend DPW2020, please apply here. Once your application has been accepted, you can register for a startup pass.

What is “procurement technology” innovation?

DPW showcases procurement technology innovations and gives startups a voice. “Procurement technology” is obviously open to a variety of interpretations. We are looking for innovations enabling procurement to fundamentally transform the ability of the function to deliver more value. We expect to see advances in big data analytics, robotics, AI, visualization, collaboration networks, crowdsourcing, blockchain, virtual reality, 3D printing, and more.

What is the format of DEMO?

Each startup is given 4 minutes to pitch on the main stage, in front of the entire event audience to demo its latest and greatest technology. Another 2 minutes is allotted for questions and answers from the judging panel.

Are there winners for DEMO?

Yes, the winner of DEMO will receive a free premium exhibitor sponsorship package for next year’s conference, a €13,000 value, and, of course, lots of post-event media buzz.

Who is eligible for DEMO?

DEMO is open to all startups exhibiting at DPW2020. Of the 40 startups attending DPW2020, the top 10 startups will be selected to battle it out and be crowned the winner of DEMO at DPW2020. Startups present in front of investors, media, sponsors, and procurement professionals.

You can apply here to exhibit at DPW2020.

If selected, is there a cost to attend DPW2020?

Yes. Organising an event of this quality and magnitude is expensive. Thus, we ask that the attending startups share some of the cost with us. The price for attending startups is low and only a fraction of traditional conference sponsorships:

Early Stage Startups: €2,500 + VAT
Scaleups: €3,500 + VAT

How will startups be chosen to attend DPW2020?

The 40 startups that are chosen to attend our Amsterdam conference in September will be handpicked based solely on their written applications. We receive a volume of applications, so we unfortunately do not speak to applicants on the phone or go through product demos. Applicants should ensure the application is filled out as thoroughly as possible. The general selection criteria is as follows:

Novelty: How new is the product/feature?
Innovativeness: How original is the approach? How big is the technological/logical leap?
Potential: How much potential does it have to make a big impact?
Wow/X/Cool factor: Does it make us sit up and take notice?
Diversity: How many other companies in the same “space” are competing for a spot?

How does my company apply?

Please fill out the online application. Note that all information submitted during the application process is strictly confidential and will NOT be shared with anyone without your approval.

How can I find investors?

There are selected prescheduled one-on-one meetings between startups and investors. You will also have the chance to connect with all investors through the DPW app, which will be available closer to the date of the conference.


What is a procurement hackathon?

A hackathon is a sprint-like event. Procurement experts, developers, and UX/UI designers from established companies, startups, and universities intensively collaborate to create the newest and best procurement processes and/or technology in 24 hours.

Do I have to pay to participate in the hackathon?

No, participating in the hackathon is free of charge.

Do I need to be a developer/programmer for the hackathon?

Nope. This hackathon is not focused on code. The challenges aim to find innovative solutions for procurement and supply chain issues.

How many teams will be competing?

There is space for 8 teams to compete, each consisting of three to seven members.

What if I don’t have a team or idea?

No worries, all participants will have time to find a team in the weeks leading up to the hackathon. We will also organise team-formation activities during our event.

What are the specific hackathon challenges at DPW2020?

The challenge is to be determined. At last year’s hackathon, participants were tasked to tackle two challenges:

Challenge 1: Find new ways and metrics to measure procurement performance.

Challenge 2: Re-invent the source-to-pay process and find new ways to source, buy and pay.

What do the teams have to bring with them?

Every participant has to bring a laptop with a charging cable. All other necessary work equipment will be provided onsite.

What are the judging criteria?

Projects will be judged on innovation, creativity, and use of technology. How well are AI/ML and other disruptive technologies integrated? How forward-thinking and future-proof is the vision/idea behind the solution? Judges will be interested in creative use cases, which are grounded in the real world.

How long are the pitches?

Each team is given 5 minutes for the final demos on the main stage in front of 600 people.

What does the team win?

In our view, hackathons aren’t about winning. We encourage you to use the time to demo a new technology, or turn a stranger into a close friend. However, that isn’t to say we don’t have amazing prizes! The overall prize pool of €3000 consists of a wide range of prizes.

Will there be food?

Absolutely! Your meals for the weekend will be free. And, plenty of snacks and drinks will be available to keep you energized. Please notify the event organiser of any specific dietary requirements, and they’ll be more than happy to make arrangements.

Can I sponsor the DPW Hackathon?

Yes! Here is why you should sponsor a hackathon:

  • SUPER targeted PR – your target user base discusses, develops, and innovates technology right in front of you
  • Market your brand and technology to developers, engineers, and DPW attendees
  • Access the talent, technology, and use cases developed onsite at DPW
  • Learn how to run a hackathon, and organize one yourself in the future
  • Create buzz around the conference and announce the „ProcureHack“ winner on the main stage
  • Sponsor something new and exciting!

Email us at for more information.

How can I apply to participate at the DPW2020 hackathon?

You can register your interest here.

I have another question that’s not listed here.

Send us an email at and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

Speaking at DPW

Who should apply to speak at DPW2020?

We set the bar high, and we pride ourselves on only putting the leading voices of digital procurement on-stage.

From Big Data & Analytics, Robotics & AI to IoT, Blockchain, Talent and Supplier Innovation, our speakers hail from the world’s most admired companies, such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Gartner, and many more.

We’re looking for thought-leaders and trailblazers: people who are out on the front lines defining and redefining what’s possible with technology.

Do you accept speaker applications from solution and service providers?

Yes, of course. Generally, providers need to be a sponsor of DPW to speak. If you would like more information on sponsorship opportunities, including sponsored speaking sessions, email

What do you look for in applications?

Glad you asked!

Procurement is at an inflection point where we need to start taking bolder steps. The incrementalism approach that everyone else takes does not move the needle significantly enough.

The DPW2020 agenda topics are framed against:

  • How to do digital procurement – most people understand the why and the what
  • Moving beyond the test-and-learn – that’s where it gets real
  • Making the profound change and how digital is forcing that
  • Building and managing digital ecosystems
  • How do we break the status quo?

How are sessions selected?

All speaker proposal submissions are reviewed by the DPW advisory board in order to determine if there is a fit for the DPW2020 agenda.

How do I increase my odds of getting selected?

We are aiming for content that is compelling, interesting, fresh, diverse, and actionable for attendees. Submissions should not be repeats of presentations made elsewhere and anything that even smells a little bit like a sales pitch will not make it through the review process. Don’t shy away from controversy – this is a forum for industry discussion, and debates and out-of-the-box thinking are appreciated. Challenge the audience with unconventional thinking.

What are the main reasons sessions don’t get selected?

The #1 reason sessions are not selected is incomplete submissions. The session detail portion of the submission is the most important piece of the entire submission. Sales pitches are also extremely easy to spot, and we are quick to eliminate them from consideration. We also get a lot of very similar submissions, and with a limited number of sessions we have to choose the sessions and the presenters that we think best address the topic. And remember, DPW2020 brings together a sophisticated, senior-level audience. Basic sessions don’t make the cut, nor do past presenters who’ve been poorly evaluated by attendees.

What topics will be covered at DPW2020?

  • Digital Transformation & Strategy
  • Leadership & Talent
  • Collaboration & Innovation
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Robotics & AI
  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain
  • Ecosystem Thinking
  • Startups

We are open to alternative topics as long as they are within the overarching theme of digital (procurement) transformation and implementation.

Please refer to last year’s agenda to get an idea of the speakers, and what topics were covered.

I spoke at DPW last year. Can I apply to speak again this year?

We seek to ensure the majority of our speakers and presentations are brand new for each conference. It’s very rare that we accept repeat speakers at DPW. Part of what makes DPW unique is the brand new content we provide to attendees that they have not seen anywhere else. Unless your proposed session content is significantly different from last year’s, we suggest waiting until next year.

What sessions types are available and can I apply for?

Keynotes: 20-min Ted Talk inspired speeches
Breakouts: 35-min real world case studies and use cases
Learning Labs: 90-min interactive and deep-dive workshop
Panel Discussions: A small group of people brought together to discuss their content
Meet the Expert Q&As: Meet subject matter experts and ask them questions
Ignite Talk: 5 minutes. Ideal for illustrating a big idea, a series of lessons learned, or a compelling story. Speakers get 5 minutes on stage and must use 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds

I think I have what it takes to speak at DPW. How can I apply to speak?

Please apply here.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to and we will respond as soon as possible.

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